Brazil-021 Fundamentals Program

The Basics of a Great Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazil-021 Fundamentals program has a strong focus on self-defense. The classes are designed to prepare students for both self-defense, and sport Jiu-Jitsu while at the same time improving cardiovascular endurance, balance, and coordination. 

The fundamental program is designed for anyone, male or female, of any body type, or age.

The classes prepare students for the advanced classes, and give students a sturdy base of knowledge that they will put to practice throughout their Jiu-Jitsu study.  

The classes consist on a quick warm up, technique drills and very little, to no full-contact sparring, The drills are the  secret to a good technique, and are equivalent to sparing for beginners, they are done with little resistance to reinforce proper technique.

The Brazil-021 Fundamentals Program teaches these basic principles of effective fighting to individuals like you. Its structure condenses an immense diversity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu into core fundamental moves combined intelligently and safely to optimize your learning.


Benefit of Joining our Fundamentals Program:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  2. Increase focus, energy and concentration 
  3. Enjoy significant gains in your overall fitness level
  4. Learn how to protect yourself and stay safe
  5. Increase self confidence
  6. Be a part of the Brazil-021 Family with schools in Brasil, United States and Canada